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Bearded Collie Club of Southern California Specialty ringside pictures and BCCA National pictures, Local Dog Shows of Bearded Collies! I am happy to sell photos, if you would like a copy. When you buy a copy, the full resolution will be sent to you via emai. The pictures here are NOT full resolution and may not be copied in any manner. Copyright laws apply. The easiest way to purchase photos is to use PayPal to order the photos you want. If you would prefer another way to purchase them, please contact me at

Coyright laws apply to all photos on this website. Sharing the link is permitted and encouraged!

No screenshots or COPYing of ANY kind without purchase..thank you!

2003 Rio Hondo-Mission Circut

2004 Orange Empire-Mission Circut-BCCSC Specialty-BCCA National

2005 Mission Circut-BCCSC Specialty Ventura

2006 BCCSC Specialty Ventura-BCCA National

2007 BCCSC Specialty Ventura

2008 BCCA National

2009 BCCSC Specialty Ventura-Pasadena

2011 BCCSC Specialty Ventura-Del Mar-Pasadena-Long Beach

2012 BCCSC Specialty Ventura-BCCA National-Pasadena-Santa Barbara-Costa Mesa

2013 Ventura-Bakersfield-Del Mar-BCCSC Specialtly Ventura-Santa Barbara

2014 Bakersfield-Rio Hondo-Woofstock-BCCSC Specialty Ventura-Santa Barbara

2015 BCCSC Specialty Ventura-Pasadena-Santa Barbara

2016 Ventura-BCCSC Specialty Bakersfield-Camarillo-Santa Barbara-Costa Mesa

2017 BCCSC Specialty Bakersfield-Costa Mesa-Pasadena

2018 Ventura-Norco-Pomona-BCCSC Specialty Bakersfield

2019 Ventura-BCCSC Specialty Bakersfield

2022 BCCA National-BCCSC Specialty Bakersfield-Woofstock

2023 Palm Springs-BCCSC Specialty-all breed

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