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Bodacious Bearded Collies live in Los Angeles, California, the home of gorgeous heads, well-rounded temperaments, wonderful movement, and VERY loving Bearded Collies who have longevity and good health! My Bearded Collies live in my home as have all my dogs, and some even choose to sleep on our bed. Joining us in 2018 is EMERALD! I was attracted to her by her pictures to begin with and by the time I got to meet her in person, not really realizing it, I was IN LOVE with "Emmy." She always greeted me 1st, always sat with me above the others, we just loved each other. Looking back at the pictures, I then saw how she wound me right around to fall in love with her. I am proud and honored to be able to have her join our family. Emmy is from the Dreamchaser Kennel and Sapphire's sister, Shelby Ann is the mother, and her father is from Europe and a World Dog Show winner of many titles, Rony! Look for our own page coming soon! In the meantime, check out all the puppy pictures from my visit! **Warning, Bearded Collies are like potato chips, you can't just have one! Well, you can try...but YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! I I have lived in Los Angeles, California all my life and I started in Bearded Collies in 1979. Bearded Collies are very versatile and smart. They can do many things; for instance, Bearded Collies can do conformation and look pretty showing themselves off in the show ring as well as obedience, herding and agility. Many Bearded Collie owners are now doing barn hunt and scent work. The Bearded Collie can do dancing!! Keeping a Bearded Collie busy makes life fun for you and them. After my first Bearded Collie died, we had several other breeds, but really missed the personality and longevity of the Bearded Collie. Read about my adventure of owning Bearded Collies in "About Us."
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