History of the Bearded Collie (Beardie)

Beardie Traits

The modern beardie is pretty easy to trace. Mrs Willison acquired a beardie puppy in 1944 subsequently registered as Jeannie of Bothkennar. After searching for a mate she acquired a dog in 1949, registered as Bailie of Bothkennar. It is from this Bothkennar pairing that all pedigree Bearded Collies are descended.

Breed Characteristics:

Exuberant, alert, lively, intelligent, and self-confident.
A lean active dog, longer than it is high in an approximate proportion of 5 to 4 with a height range of 20" to 22" and a weight range of 39lbs to 59lbs. 
Should possess a double coat consisting of a harsh strong and shaggy outer coat and a soft furry close undercoat.

Colours of the Bearded Collie can be slate grey, reddish-fawn, black, brown or blue.
The Bearded Collie can have white markings on foreface, blaze on skull, tip of tails, chest legs and feet.