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BEARDIE BASICS, by Barbara Rieseberg and B.J. McKinney, publisher Alpine Publishing, ISBN: 0931866995
Last Published in 1997, paperback 120 pages. Out of Print


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BEARDIE BASICS AND BEYOND, by Barbara Rieseberg and B.J. McKinney, revised by Jo Parker, publisher Alpine, 
ISBN 0931866782.
Last Published 1998 Hardcover 271 pages
This one was sold out quickly. Considered a collector’s edition. It is great for the coffee table - lots of photos and just about everything you would want to know about the Bearded Collie.
This last edition was the 3rd - and much changed over previous editions. All are collector's items. If you are serious about Beardie, find one.


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BEARDIE BASICS AND BEYOND, by Barbara Rieseberg and B.J. McKinney, revised by Jo Parker, publisher Alpine, Soft cover version
Printed in 2003 available ISBN 1-57779-053-7 or 978-1-57779-053-2. 

Lots of photos and just about everything you would want to know about the Bearded Collie.
This last edition was the 3rd - and much changed over previous editions. A must have if you are serious about Beardies.



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BEARDED COLLIE, by BRYONY HARCOURT-BROWN, Publisher:INTERPET PUBLISHING - Date Published: 16/3/2000, ISBN: 1902389352 hardcover 157 pages. 

Mainly available in the UK with limited numbers seen through international book stores.

One of the General type books which covers Beardie history, breed standards , personality and some show information and photos.. Plus help for puppy care and development, everyday care, housebreaking and training, behavioral problems, and health care. Also sections on dog behavior and health issues. Particular note on the differences of the Bearded Collie and the Old English Sheepdog and a small section for you to keep track of your own beardie's development.


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THE BEARDED COLLIE, by Chris Walkowicz, publisher Alpine/Denlinger - ISBN: 0931866812

Last Published 1998, Hardcover 128 pages.

Chris is one of the long time breeders and judges the breed (She is now retired, 2015). She has written many dog books and articles. A true friend to the breed.

This book adds more history to the American program as well as the UK. Lots of photos, some color and many B&W. Chris has a way of describing the unique characteristics of the breed, sometime humorous. You can learn about how to select and care for your beardie and enjoy photos from many owners.

Chapter titles include Selection, Health and Nutrition, Grooming, Basic Training, Genetics, History, Breeding and Whelping, Conformation and Obedience, Herding trials, Junior Showmanship and more. Also includes lists of influential American and Canadian Kennels, top winners, and Champions of record.

You can order here on Amazon


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BEARDED COLLIE, by Carol Gold, publisher TFH Publications, Inc. ISBN: 0793807913
Last Published 1999 Hardcover 93 pages.
Carol Gold is a Breeder in Canada and has been around long enough to know the history of the breed from a unique viewpoint.

This book was written not only to provide you with a good knowledge of the breed but to also teach you about owning a puppy and adult.

**Updated: A welcome and reliable resource on breed history, characteristics and pet attributes, breed standards, grooming, puppy care, house training, nutrition and feeding, basic obedience training. proper health care, and the congenital and acquired disorders that concern all purebred-dog enthusiasts.

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BEARDED COLLIES, by Carol Gold, publisher TFH Publications, Inc. ISBN: ISBN: 0793823749
Last Published 1996 Paperback 192 pages. Much like the newer version. Was also published in Hardcover.


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THE COMPLETE BEARDED COLLIE, by Joyce Collis and Pat Jones, publisher Howell Book House
Published 1992 Cloth 160 pages
Many B&W photos which is a bit disappointing as there are many famous beardies shown - particularly from Crufts. Even the section on coat color is in B&W. the book does examine the Bearded Collie in America, Europe and Australia and shows many champions. Also there are many graphics showing points of conformation to the standard as well as details like teeth.


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ALL ABOUT THE BEARDED COLLIE, by Joyce Collis, Pelham Books, ISBN: 0720716152 
Last Published 1989, (First Ed 1979) Hardcover 160 pages. 
Similar to the newer book listed by the author..

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The Bearded Collie by Shiel (illustrated by Sheila Smith)
Published in 1981 in England by Bartholomew & Sons Ltd.
Soft Cover 96 pages
Most likely a description for general use.

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THE BEARDED COLLIE, by G.O. Willison, a Foyles Handbook London: W & G Foyle
Last published 1971 66 pages
This book spends a great deal of time on the "revival of the Bearded Collie." Which makes it of interest as Ms. Willison was the first person chosen to judge for the Bearded Collie Club (UK) and previously credited with the revival of the breed beginning in 1944. She tells the remarkable story of searching and breeding, probably the first Beardie to appear at the prestigious Crufts dog show in 1950, as Bothkenner Kennels began to develop.
The book goes on to describe grooming and preparation for shows.
Again very interesting as some of the old methods seem to have been lost and may in fact be helpful today for those showing Beardies. A small book.


Volume 1 Brit Bearded Collie Champions 
British Bearded Collie Champions 1959-1991 by David Hyde
600 copies worldwide with photographs and pedigrees of EVERY British Beardie Champion between 1959 - 1991.
390 pages full of information relating to these years, with CC and RCC winners listed for each show.
Examples have fetched close to £300! Check David's web site


vol 2
Volume 2 of British Bearded Collie champions covers the years 1992 - 1997 .
Once again in an edition of 600 copies worldwide. Photographs and pedigrees of every British Beardie Champion between 1992 and 1997 and CC and RCC winners listed from each show.
168 pages packed with information with an easy to use index for cross reference. Check David's web site


British Bearded Collie Champions Vol 3
British Bearded Collie Champions Volume 3 by David Hyde covers the years 1998 - 2008. Limited edition of 600 hand numbered editions.
This publication is unique being in full color! A Massive 370 pages packed full of photos, pedigrees, facts and figures celebrating 50 years of CCs. • Crufts results and entries 1959 - 2008 • CCs won by kennel 1959 - 2008 • All-time top winning dogs and bitches • Judges records dogs/bitches 1959 - 2008 • Judges who have made up champions • Breeders of champions 1959 - 2008 • Factoids • Pictures by famous artists.
Check David's web site