About Me

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, part of Los Angeles and Sunny Southern California. My first Bearded Collie was in the late 1970s and began with Time's Buff-Up. His name "Times" was the breeder's kennel name (Susie Tranquillo) and Buff-Up was an Amway product to which all the puppies of that litter got named after. I was not fond of the name but the breeder wanted them registered that way, so we just called him "Bufferin." I used to joke and say that he gave me a headache, he was a brown Bearded Collie, after all! I thought I would have more Bearded Colllies some day and name them after pain medication, it seemed funny at the time: Codeine, Motrin, Percocet!! This did not happen as my heart was broken when he died and another Bearded Collie would not enter my life for quite a long time after that. Bufferin died just one month short of turning 18 years old. He was a really sweet born Bearded Collie with a nose that you always wanted to kiss.

My story continues here: In 2001 I researched and found several breeders, all very nice people, but I felt something different with Robin Lee Hood. Besides feeling like I had known her for years, I enjoyed her stories about the dogs and their antics. She was producing very healthy, super gorgeous, and versatile Bearded Collies. We talked by phone and emailed regularly. We waited for a puppy. It was the "Harry Potter" litter. We flew up to Washington to see who would come home with us. During this time, I had been getting pictures regularly of the puppies. It was very exciting. We left our 3 young children with my parents while we took our weekend trip by airplane to get our new puppy. We left early on a Saturday and returned in the afternoon on Sunday.

The mom was AM/CAN CH Pentangle's Magnolia Blossom, a lovely mom with great movement who has done well in the show ring. She is beautiful. The dad was BISS AM/CAN CH Hermosa Mtn Colquhoun McDuff, winner at the National BCCA in 1997. He was a really nicely put together dog. We got "Harry," the pick male, Colquhoun's Sir Winston Brody, call name was Winston. Robin kept Hermione, Winston's sister,who has also done well in her showing career.

Winstonis a bright, energetic, independent and lovable Bearded Collie. He has a stunning head, nice coat, great movement. He got his championship, it just took us a little time to get him trained and get to shows. A few years later, we wanted another Bearded Collie.

Robin was breeding to one of Colquhoun's kids, Budwiser, who's a really high achieving agility Bearded Collie owned by Karen Barratt. So in 2004, we were sent our sweet, got-to-love her princess. We named her Colquhoun's Princess Ebony, and she has lived up to that name. She is a riot, always wanting to sit on a chair, sleep on the couch or our bed. She does some really cool tricks too. She is a real love. Ebony finished her championship "her way" on the July 4th weekend, 2007, at the supported entry days following the BCCSC Specialty. She has a gorgeous head, great movement and wonderful temperament.

We are so happy to have these two dogs in our home as our pets, show dogs, companions. 

Joining us on April 15th, 2011: Dreamchaser Sapphire Skye, bringing us up to 3 dogs at present. I have enjoyed looking for and making friends with other breeders along the way. Robin (Hood), Jennifer Schyett and I did a lot of research and when this litter was born, we felt confident that we were the luckiest people in the world to be able to get a Dreamchaser/Strathearn dog and the relationship with their breeders: Deb and Geoff Quadland, Tom Dixon and Graeme Burdon. Deb Quadland has been a joy to talk with and we are looking forward to our journey with this new puppy in our lives and a new extended family too. Sapphire's dad is the infamous Hart/Strathearn Hart & Soul owned by Tom and Ann Dixon and her mom is Tory, Strathearn Dream Chaser owned by Deb and Geoff Quadland. We are honored to be owned by this darling girl!!!

In October of 2012 at the BCCA's National held out here in Los Angeles, Sarah and I got to meet Tom Dixon, Deb & Geoff Quadland and Graeme Burdon. What a joy! Nicest people you ever want to meet. Check out the links page to see National pictures of many dogs there. Sarah won Best of Juniors...and Sapphire, as always brought us much joy!

Joing us In August of 2018: Dreamchaser Elegant Emerald. I flew to Toronto, and went off for 11 days leaving behind my 2 Beardies and my family to spend time with the litter that Deb had (Dreamchaser). What an adventure and time I had living there with all the dogs and the puppies. I cannot even attempt to tell you what I learned from Deb & Georff and Lisa, Deb's wonderful friend and breeder friend.! Thank you both for your time and teaching me things about structure and Beardies! It was pure joy and I can't wait to visit again!
In the meantime, I brought home the "yellow" girl, and named her Emerald, calling her Em, Emmy, Emerald! What an amazing temperament she has! See Emerald's page, still working on it! You can see all the pictures from my visit under "our Beardies" and then "Emerald" "Dreamchaser-Puppies-2018."

Besides enjoying my Bearded Collies, I now have chickens and love their eggs and visiting with them in our backyard.
I am also an artist and engage in drawing dogs, mostly Beardies, but if the picture I see strikes me, I draw it. They can be made into cards or Giclee paintings. The background(s) can be changed, making them very unique. What a GREAT gift for you or a loved one! You can view the Bearded Collie artwork here: www.beardieart.com or other dog breeds here: dog art or other animals here: pet art . Please check out my Etsy shop.

In 2018 I began making custom Satin Martingale collars, matching leashes and bows. You can view them on these sites: website for on Etsy .

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